You realize, this means war…

After a year of false starts, the first real Chaos Royale album “You realize, this means war” is finally available.

Initially this was intended to be an album full of heavy but crowdpleasing tunes like Anna Supernova or Spartan Ogre, but for reasons I’ll go into another time it expanded into something more ferocious.

A highlight for me is the inclusion of a track featuring the 8-bit sounds of NYC gameboy guru Bit Shifter, plus a duet with {name removed} which…you’ll understand when you hear it.

The whole album is guaranteed to upset dubstep purists, chiptune purists, and noise purists alike but if you like to really dig deep into massive, complex, layered sounds, there’s a lot to discover in it for you.

Also, the basslines are fucking savage.

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