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First- here’s a downloadable “This means War” HD wallpaper for you.

Right now some very talented (and in one case, very unexpected) artists are working with us on an entire remix album. This will re-interpret the music of “You realize, this means war” through the senses of a variety of musicians. There will also be Chaos Royale’s own re-imaginings of  tracks, including at least one absolutely ridiculous “***step” anthem.

The tentative title is “One Angel, One Kill”.

Whereas “War” focused on polyphony and layers of sound, “Angel” will focus more on rhythm and purity. There will be no “abstract noise” tracks this time but the sonics are just as overpowering as you expect.

Finally, poledancer Alk is currently recovering from a minor but temporarily disabling injury sustained while performing a long-distance arial drop. I’m sure all her fans are wishing her the best, and when she recovers we will be shooting a video for one of the tracks off “War”.

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